Fire Warden

Fire Warden Training Courses in Northern Ireland

The Fire Wardens course emphasises the dangers of fire, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of urgent action when a fire breaks out. Fire Wardens are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the workplace leaves the area as quickly and as orderly as possible and for carrying out routine fire safety inspections of their work area and equipment.

Who should attend?
Anyone nominated as a Fire Warden within the workplace.

Course Content:
• fire legislation in Northern Ireland
• list their duties as fire wardens
• list company fire procedures
• identify fire hazards in the workplace
• fire warden Video / Action in the event of fire
• use portable fire extinguishers effectively
• manage and control evacuations
• describe the chemistry of fire
• monitor fire controls
• assist in the management of evacuation procedures/drills
• Cover the theory of fire and fire extinction (Bradford fire video)
• Chemistry of fire
• Practical demonstrations of fire hazards
• Spread of fire
• Smoke behaviour (practical smoke logging)
• Classification of fires (A,B,C. Video)
• Portable fire extinguishers and hoses – theory and practical
• Basic fire prevention evacuation procedures
• How to make evacuation realistic

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