Working At Height

Working At Height Training Courses in Northern Ireland

Working at Height consultancy

  • Work at height site surveys and risk assessments
    A competent engineer will visit the site and conduct a survey of existing arrangements and the issues faced by the workforce. If required BHB can then develop specific risk assessments and best practice solutions for each hazardous activity and workplace.
  • Installation and maintenance of fall protection systems
    Based on the outcome of the site survey and risk assessment, we can specify and install access and safety systems such as barriers, ladders, personal fall protection anchors and walkways.
  • Supply of personal fall protection equipment
    bills team can then supply equipment from all the leading manufacturers, based on suitability and compatibility.
  • Provision of staff training
    Our training department delivers work at height courses at all skill and awareness levels, at our dedicated venues or on-site.

These abilities in combination allow BHB to deliver a turn-key solution to any work at height issues you may have. We provide answers to your problems and can manage and implement safety solutions now and into the future