Confined Space Supervisors Course

Confined Space Supervisors, Training Courses in Northern Ireland

This one-day programme outlines the duties of the entry supervisor under Confined Space regulations and the implications of the Code of Practice when working in a confined space environment. An entry supervisor is anyone empowered by the employer to authorise or directly supervise entry operations in a permit space. It highlights through presentations and discussion key issues when considering confined spaces as well as demonstrating some of the equipment required. Supervisor will acquire knowledge through a combination of lecture presentations, group discussions, film presentations and equipment demonstrations.

  • List the implications of the legislation and the Code of Practice on their
  • Know space hazards including information on the mode of exposure.
  • The signs, or symptoms and consequences of exposure.
  • Verify emergency plans and specified entry conditions such as permits, tests, procedures, and equipment before allowing entry.
  • Terminate entry and cancel permits when entry operations are completed or if a new condition exists
  • Take appropriate measures to remove unauthorised entrants; and
  • Ensure that entry operations remain consistent with the entry and that acceptable entry conditions are maintained.
  • Describe steps involved in a basic rescue from a confined space.
  • Confined Space regulations
  • Approved Code of Practice on confined spaces
  • Confined space hazards
  • Writing an entry permit (what an entry permit must include; the 13 rules)
  • Setting up entry permits
  • Entry procedures
  • Atmospheric testing equipment
  • Rescue equipment
  • Attendants’ duties
  • Emergencies
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Steps involved in basic rescue
  • Practical demos