Confined Space New Entrant

Confined Space New Entrant Training Courses in Northern Ireland

This two day programme outlines the requirements of the Confined Space regulations (UK – 1997), (NI  -1999), (Republic of Ireland – 2001). It outlines the implications of the Approved Code of Practice (Acop) when working in a confined space environment.

The training is designed to meet all sectors of industry. It will meet all standards for those who may be required to work in confined spaces and participate in the emergency procedures from within a confined space. It is also designed for those who have not received any confined space training in the past. It will take them through progressive steps that will give them the confidence to work in confined spaces and prepare them may they have to effect emergency procedures.

• Describe the responsibilities of the confined space entrant, observer and supervisor
• Describe the confined space rescue procedures
• State the purpose of a confined space entry and the steps to be taken
• Demonstrate the operation of gas detectors
• Complete entry and exit from confined spaces
• Use short duration breathing apparatus
• Work as a dedicated team
• Show team leadership

• Confined Space Regulations (UK)1997, (NI) 1999 and Republic of Ireland 2001
• Setting the scene: Case histories
• Confined spaces: identification; hazards (atmospheres, physical, human,)
• Safe work practices: entry permits; safe procedures; emergency plan
• Safety equipment: harnesses, winches, fall arrestors; safety lighting; personal protective equipment
• Atmospheric testing: unsafe atmospheres; definitions
• Gas detection equipment
• Practical session: harnesses, winches, fall arrestors
• Breathing apparatus (escape sets): description; use; cleaning; care; maintenance
• Practical session: Breathing apparatus (escape set) exercise
• Practical exercise in ACSTU x 5 exercises in the (Advance Confined Space Training Unit)