Confined Space Training

Hal Steele- NIE- Safety Engineer- C/S- Oct 17- Good course, gives an appreciation of what is required to ensure a safe system of wok for entry to,  working in and rescue from Confined Spaces.

Liam Kelly- Phoenix Energy Services- Engineer Apprentice- C/S-Oct 2017- Very useful & makes me think of possible dangers while at work that i can avoid by thinking before i act. Billy Ferguson made the experience enjoyable and worth while.

Brian McDowell- Diageo NI - Maintenance Fitter- Confined Spaces- July 2017- Very informative, professional and enjoyable course. The equipment supplied was excellent and the simulators made the practical exercises very realistic.

Conor Martin- Balcas Timber Ltd- Confined Spaces- June 2017- Thought provoking and very imformative. The practical session helped the theory stick in your mind!

Meave McCartney- Balcas Timber Ltd - Confined Space-  June 2017- Extremely worthwhile, encourages thinking, good practical excerises. Enjoyable!

John Laverty- Northstone- Maintenance Manager- Confined Space for Managers- May 2017- Very Informative & Billys easy delivery made it enjoyable!

Ian Willkins- Northstone- Site Engineer- Confined Space for Mangers - May 2017- Helps overcome fear of confined spaces.

Ciaran Cunningham- Northstone- Quarry Manager - Confined Space for Mangers - May 2017- Very wll presented & run. Good Practical demonstrations.

David Bell- AECOM- Very well run course which was presented great with a mixture of theory and practical excerises

Oliver McCaughan- Lacpatrick- 7 June 16- Very enjoyable course. High level of practical material

Damien Wilson-Clinty Chemicials- 10 May 16 - The course was really good and enjoyable. Very informative on every aspect, have learned a lot. Billy is a great teacher 

Eamonn Fisher - S.G.S - 8 April 16- Really good and practical! A Refreshing Refresher

Steven Newman- Lafarge - 4 April 16- Excellent information for someone new to Confined Space situations 

Ryan Gillespie- John Grahams - C/S Supervisor - The course re-emphasized the importance of knowing the risks and hazards in our industry and the importance of carrying out the risk assessments & method statements effectively within a site and other confined space locations. Well presented and communicated professionally throughout the course.

Rodney Donnelly - Old Bushmills Distrillery- 29 July- Course informative, Tutor knowledgeable in all aspects. Made course fun as well as passing on vital information, Good Job.

Leslie Corrigan - Grahams - Civil Engineer - 20 April 15- Tutor has excellent knowledge of the subject!

David Burns SNR-  Geoff Castles - Engineer - 13/14 April 15- Good Course, opened my eyes abit.

Robin Johnston- Aecom URS - Engineer - 13/14 April 15- Very good and enjoyable, practical element was well throughout and demonstrated confined spaces well.

Martin Johnston- D.O.E - 19 Feb- Good awareness course at appropriate level for my work.

Declan Toner - Grahams - 16 Feb 15- Very good enjoyable and practical course. Material & practicals went through in a professional manner with also an enjoyable, relaxed manner.

Norma Moore - Harland & Wolff - 5/6 Jan 15- Very informative course with knowledgeable tutor, would highly recommend!

Damien Denvir - McLarnons- 9 Dec 14- Very good course & facilities.

Graham Cheadle - Diageo-  5 Dec 14- Good content, well delivered, lots of resources & practical examples.

Adrian Beggs- Caterpillar- 1 Dec 14 - Very good course, Billy is great!

Alan Irwin - Ashdale Engineering- 3 Nov 14- Good day throughout, tutor had a good working knowledge and was able to answer any questions effectively, I would recommend this course and tutor, One of the best confined space courses i have been on in 12+ years. Thank you 

Jim Burnside- Glanbia - 20/21 Oct 14- One of the most enjoyable practical courses i have done, very good!

J.Laverty - Farrans- 17 Oct 14- Very enjoyable course & very well presented! 

Kirby Maria - Project Design Engineers - 6 Oct 14- BHB's manual is very informative and user friendly, course delivered very well, easy to follow!

Andrew Nesbitt - Williams Ind Serv- 16 Sept 14 - Tutor answered and explained everything clearly.

Chris Walker - Environmental Techniques- 4 Aug 14- This course has given me a lot more knowledge of confined spaces and makes me feel alot safer onsite.

Ryan - Amelio- 2 July 14- Myself and the rest of the boys that attended the course found it very benficial and would just like to thank you.

Patrick McClure- HSI Comada NI - 12 May 14- Very useful memory jogger.

Jason Cartmill- McLaughlin & Harvey - 11 April - Course well prescented with a good practical.

James Jellie- Boilerhouse Services- 4 April 14 - Great course, cant wait to come back!

Paul Green- HSI Comada NI- 4 April 14- Great Course, well worth attending!

David Willis- Caterpillar- 2 April 14- As always Billy showed great tutoring skills and made everyone feel at ease all day.

Jamie Stevenson- Scottish Gas Networks- 21/22 Jan 2014- Excellent facilities and confined space scenarios. Very worthwhile and good experience using B.A Kit. Tutor was very informative. Practical scenarios where very good and B.A kit was all relevant. 

Simon Groenendijk- Nissi Consulting Services- 29 Oct 2013- I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and the extent of the practical exercises. Excellent course which prepares you well for what you can come across in the real world.

Mal Devanly - NIE - 3/4 Oct 2013 -Excellent. Cannot wait until 3 years expires to do it again.

Edward Burke- NIE - 3/4 Oct 2013 - The course gives a good practical & tutorial back round to confined spaces.

Michael McGuigan- Diageo- 2 Sept 2013- Good Info & Knowledge, plus made interesting all day.

Working at Height Training 

Ruth Blackburn- Dalradian Gold Ltd- 31 July 15- Excellent course tutor, Good explanation of course before it started, Good use of videos, pictures and piecesof kit for demo livened prescentation up and kept it interesting. Enjoyed!

Mark Harris - Gas & Controls - Excellent prescentation, knowledgeable clear instructor, would recommend this course.

Kevin Adams- Project Design Engineers- 29 Sept 14 - Good course would recommend to others.

Mel Hylands - Coca Cola - 16 Sept 14- Very useful in our duties.

Ian Beck - Coca Cola - 11 Sept 14 - This course was very good it will help me to do my job better, work smarter, tutor was excellent.

Breathing Appartaus with level 1 chemical protection suit & decontamination procdures Training 

Catriona Mann- McQuillan- Analytical Chemist- 30 April - Very imformative course, pratical elements were very effective as well as enjoyable to do!

Lowry Stewart - McQuillans- Operative- 30 April 15- Very well taught course by both instructors, was interesting throughout. Practicals well put together and instructed. Equipment well presented and in good condition. 

Breathing Appartaus Training

Sean Mylett-  Shell- 4 Feb 15- This course was excellent, the two tutors were absolutely fantastic!! Great Course!

David Moore - Coca Cola - 18 Sept14- If this course allows me to save one of my colleagues it is invaluable.

Confined Space & Breathing Apparatus Training 

Trevor Parker- Michelin Tyre PLC- 25 Feb 14- What the tutor doesn't know isnt worth knowing, well worth course, covered everything! 

Fire Extinguisher Training

Kimberlee Willis- Almac- 25 Feb 15- Material presented both orally and in the manual was very clear & interesting.

Christopher Reid- Alamc - 14 Oct 14- Billy encouraged us to think about how fire could effect us and our place of work, i was aware of fire before this training but now i feel i have a more complete understanding of how it relates to my role.

Sue Calvin - Almac - 5 Feb 2014- Faultless! Thank you very much!

Jonathan Martin- 5 Feb- Good, plenty of information on collateral issues, i.e. hinges of fire doors

William McShane- Almac- 10 Oct 2013- Very Informative, helpful and easy to remember. Tutor very helpful and made course interesting.

Jennifer Flynn- Almac- 10 Oct 2013- Excellent, it is good that not only the fire wardens are trained.

Fire Warden

Maurgan McDonald- Caterpillar N.I- 30 May 16- Good information provided

Gary Mackle - Almac - 28 Jan 15- First Class!! Enjoyable, Relevent Refresher Training!

Mark Pickering- Almac- 18 Nov 14- Good mixture of content between slides activities and videos

Gary McConnell- Caterpillar- 25.02.14 - Very good course, Pleasent atmosphere. Enjoyable! 

Julie Fox - Caterpillar- 25.02.14 - The Tutor is a serving Fire Fighter and was able to give complete examples that were relvent to the topics covered in the course. The practical was informative and removed any nerves and doubts about using an extinguisher. Thank you for an imforative course. 

Cathy Nelson- Almac- 7 Nov 2013- Excellent Tutor, not relying on PowerPoint etc. I have done this course several times & apply this to home life.